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Get the hairstyle that you want with help from Hair by Michelle Felt in Roanoke, Texas. Whether you wish to change your hair color or get a new haircut, count on me to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. Check out the service menu for my rates:

Women's Haircut Style 

Color Style 

Color Haircut Style 

Partial Highlight Style 

Partial Highlight Haircut Style 

Highlight Style 

Highlight Haircut Style 

- $55.00

- $90.00



- $125.00

- $115.00

- $150.00

Color Highlight Style

Color Highlight Haircut Style 


Perm Haircut 

Spiral Perm 

Spiral Perm Haircut 

- $150.00

- $170.00

- $95.00

- $125.00


- $165.00

BIOme Organic Hair Care 100% Vegan

There’s no better way to introduce you to the 100% vegan Erayba line than with BIOme Organic Hair Care product. This product contains organic active ingredients based on vegetable oils of coconut, macadamia, quinoa, moringa, aloe vera, karité shea, and rice protein.


With its anti-oxidant and rejuvenating action, BIOme Organic Hair Care will leave your hair hydrated, soft, shiny, and with plenty of vitality. It also provides an anti-pollution effect.

Great for daily use, BIOme Organic Hair Care is perfect for all types of hair. It is free of salts and parabens. A truly 100% vegan and cruelty-free product with no preservatives, this product contains hypoallergenic perfume and natural fruit acids.    

Gamma Color Hair Color Cream

With this permanent hair color cream, you will be able to experience the benefits of Phytokeratin®, a vegetable keratin that protects and provides hair with powerful conditioning and maximum affinity.

A scented and hypoallergenic color cream, Gamma Color Hair Color Cream is free from PPD pigments. It also contains conditioning meadowfoam plant seed oil and UV-B color protection filter to give your hair that conditioned, silky feel. Available in 110 shades, Gamma Color Hair Color Cream will color your hair with intensity and shine. 

White Factor

Whites, blondes, and lightened. Neutral pH. No yellow. 

This line of products neutralizes warm shades in gray hairs and prevents them from developing unwanted shades. Each contains neutral pH balanced formula, making them suitable for daily use, and ideal for restructuring and reforming your hair’s texture. A line made from the heart.

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